Krekeler & Losch GmbH & Co KG was founded in 1984 by the owners Uwe Krekeler and Gustav Losch. Our competency, reliability and innovative ability are responsible for our growing workforce. Today, 70 employees continue to put their ideas into practice to fulfil customer expectations. The manufacturing facilities at the company’s headquarter in Hann. Münden, have been expanded no less then 6 times – evidence of the company’s continuous development, sustained growth and entrepreneurial foresight.

Decisive for our success is our high flexibility and efficiency, which we achieve through our own manufacturing and tool-making facilities. Furthermore our highly-skilled and highly motivated team, our flat organisational structure as well as the involvement of each and every employee in the quality assurance process are significant factors for our achievement. Our products enjoy a good reputation because of their durability and reliability.

Krekeler & Losch