Company guidelines

As an independent family business, Krekeler & Losch GmbH & Co KG stands for fair and reliable partnerships with employees, customers and suppliers. Our most important goal is to carry out our work in a way that our customers, our employees and the society in which we live are satisfied.

To achieve this goal, we are pursuing a code of conduct that consists of five essential values and principles. Krekeler & Losch itself is bound to the principles and requirements laid down in the company guidelines as well as the suppliers of goods and services, with regard to their responsibility to man and the environment.

We share these principles with all our contracting parties through our publicly declared company guidelines. Krekeler & Losch does expect from their business partners to adhere to the guidelines and to stand up for these values. Krekeler & Losch is also committed to compliance with all laws, regulations and official regulations. Krekeler & Losch also expects from their business partners to comply with all relevant national and international laws and regulations.