Our workforce is the most important resource of our company

The abilities of our employees and their commitment to the company's goals are the key success factor for our company. Therefore, it is our ambition to support training and further education of our employees at all levels and our concern to meet the needs, wishes and criticism of our employees. We act with responsibility for our employees. Krekeler & Losch is characterized by solidarity and the willingness to contribute together, regardless of whom and where we are.

The daily behavior and collective responsibility are characterized through respect. Furthermore, Krekeler & Losch is characterized by creativity and risk-taking because our goal is to explore and discover future-oriented innovations through versatility and our capability. We support equal opportunities and equal treatment of our employees regardless of their skin color, ethnicity, nationality, social background, disabilities, sexual orientation, membership in labor organizations, political or religious conviction, sex or age. The personal dignity, privacy and personality rights of each individual are respected and no one is employed against his will or forced to work. Any behavior (including gestures, language and physical contact) that is sexual, under coercion, discriminatory, threatening, abusive, or exploiting will not be tolerated.

We guarantee our employees an adequate remuneration and ensure the statutory national minimum wage in compliance with the statutory maximum working hours. We support, insofar as legally permissible, the freedom of association of employees and the right to collective wage negotiations. Moreover, child labor is strictly prohibited in our company.