Facts and Figures of Krekeler & Losch GmbH & Co KG

Company domicile and production location:
Hann. M√ľnden, Deutschland

90 employees in manufacturing, design, assembly and administration

Production area:
About 5,000 sq m

Industrial sectors:
Electrical and Electronics Industry, automotive, mechanical, domestic products and sanitary industries as well as other areas.

Worldwide presence:
Business relationships in 17 countries

Quality management is certified according to:
ISO 9001 norm

Environment and Energy Management:

The centerpiece of our production is our machine park, which consists mainly of self-constructed and self-made machines:

multi-automated processing machines; self-build (comparable with Eubama)
48 machines

automatic linear processing machines; self-build (comparable with Mikron)
13 machines

automatic rotary indexing machine; self-build (comparable with Eubama, Variomatic, Pfiffner)
6 machines

9 machines

further processing machines
9 machines