We are known among our customers as specialists for precision turned parts made of brass, copper, steel and aluminum. Our products are used as contact parts, plug and clamp contacts, circuit boards and earth rails whenever electricity is wired. Our program is extended by profile clamps, cleared terminals, plug pins, threaded inserts, axles and bolts. High-quality products for microelectronics as well as towing hooks for bowden cables and small turned parts made of steel and aluminum complete our wide range of products.

We manufacture precisely according to the specifications of our customers in smaller and larger series in the diameter range of 1 to 40mm. Creativity, innovation and the search for optimized and economical solutions determine our actions. On request we offer our experience and our know-how to find the optimal solution during the development phase and to guarantee innovative, high-quality and economical products. Flexibility and efficiency are ensured by our own automatic machines and tool manufacture.