Use of metals from conflict zones

Krekeler & Losch emphatically supports the efforts to prevent the trade of conflict raw materials. We refer to the "Dodd Frank Act". The directive states that raw materials such as tin, tungsten, tantalum or gold should not come from the conflict regions in and around the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The intention is to remove the financial basis for wars and disputes in these regions.

We demand from our vendors that this directive which should be observed on a permanent basis including the traceability of its supply chain to the original mines. According to our own audits and as a result of our ongoing dialogue with our suppliers, we do not currently have any legitimate reason to assume that the raw materials used in our products originate from the crises mentioned above.

Erklärung zum Umgang mit Konfliktmineralien (DE)
Erklärung zum Umgang mit Konfliktmineralien (EN)